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A few days ago, as part of a learning process and to be able to give more accurate information about the COVID tests, I went to a pharmacy very close to Coral Mar to perform the COVID antigen test.


First of all I want to clarify that the antigen test is the test required by the United States government to enter the country by air. If you are going to return to the United States by land, this test is not necessary. The antigen test is not the same as the PCR test, which is required for entry to other countries. Also keep in mind that Mexico does not require a negative test to come into the country.

I decided to take the test to be able to answer questions to our guests and clients. The place where I went to take the test was at the FARMACIAS DE AHORRO their location in front of the Temptation hotel which is about 5 minutes away by car or taxi. They have plenty of parking and if you take a taxi from Coral Mar is only $8 to $9 usd per taxi.

I Arrived at 8am. Their hours of operations are from 8 am to 9 pm and according to an employee there is no limit of tests per day. Upon arrival I realized that there was only one person before me, I thought I had been lucky but then I learn that normally there are no big lines. The employee told me that I should fill out a form on my cell phone which can be accessed through a QR code which is visible on the entrance. I also find out that the form can be filled even one day before which it can speed up the process. After filling it out the form, the system gives you a folio number which you must present when entering the establishment. Once inside, the employee enters the folio number into his system. At that time you must pay the amount of $ 346 pesos ($299 pesos + Tax) which is approximately $ 19 usd (they only accept payments by credit or debit card and the charge is made in pesos). After payment they indicate the cubicle number where they will perform the test.


I was a little nervous since I had never done it and had heard many stories from people about how terrible it was to put a swab up your nose. The truth is that the lady who attended me was very kind and she explained the procedure. Right there and in front of me she opened the package from where she took the swab and very delicately she performed the test on me. It took no more than 1 minute from when I sat down until I was out of the cubicle. 15 minutes later I had my test result printed (in English and Spanish) and in my email.

To tell you the truth, was much faster than I thought and very convenient, it will only take a few minutes of your valuable vacation. I hope this helps to answer questions about this new requirement and soon I have the opportunity to see you in this beautiful place. Please let me know If you have any questions, meanwhile stay safe, healthy and happy.

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