Captain Blackbeard challenges you to join the Jolly Roger’s motley crew with whom you will sail the Caribbean Sea and witness a spectacular battle between rivaled pirates. Swords will clash, cannons will explode and cups will overflow in this exciting swashbuckling show.
Sail aboard this impressive galleon modeled on Columbus’ original flagship from his first voyage to the Americas and dine a delicious dinner while pirates swing from the ropes. Enjoyment of the free bar will keep adults from walking the plank while little pirates will have to forfeit a smile.

Jolly Roger pirate dinner cruise & show

  • Explore the incredible galleon that was modeled on Columbus’ Santa Maria (or Marigalante as known by her sailors) that joined him on his first voyage to the Americas. Enjoy the fun and music that await as pirates swing from ropes and act out their dark and bitter feuds. Avoid walking the plank by taking advantage of the free bar included in your ticket; little pirates can save themselves from washing the deck with a toothbrush by eating all their dessert!

    Your ticket includes a delicious premium meal, three and a half hours open bar, a party atmosphere and family entertainment. Pirate Kids’ menu also available.

    ** Dinner includes one choice of:
    -Bbq pork ribs
    -Jumbo coconut shrimps
    -Gilled salmon
    -Parmigiana chicken
    -NY Steak
    -Gnocchi with pesto sause
    -Cannelloni with cheese sauce

    Also: All you can eat salad bar.


    Port tax NOT included ($12 dollars per person, this has to be paid prior boarding).
    Upgrade your diner for:  Lobster or Surf & turf (Lobster & steak) for $20 usd prior boarding.

    All online bookings are confirmed and guaranteed.
    Once you book it you will get an email to confirm the date of your tour.

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