How you can take advantage of the promotion?

  1. Book any tour with us before April 30th, 2020

  2. We will email you your confirmation including the same amount of tickets for the Mayan Museum, tequila testing & shopping tour.


  • You don’t need to book it, we will automatically will do it for you.

  • To take advantage if the promotion you need to book it before April 30, 2020 but you can take the tour until May 2021.

  • This promotion cannot be combine with another promotion.

  • If you decide not to take the tour or cancel cannot be exchange for money.

  • This promotion is only available through Coox Ximba Tours and has no value with another institution.

Remember that the discounted prices on our website are only available through our site and are valid when scheduled before your arrival. But the Mayan Museum promotion, tequila testing & shopping tour for free on the purchase of another tour will be available only until April 30, 2020.

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