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Here there are a few FAQ´s that we have collected over the past. If you have another question that you need us to answer please click on the "CONTACT" button and send us an email we will be happy to answer all of them!

Do I save money by booking on-line with Coox Ximba Tours?


If you book on-line the payment will be automatically in dollars. When you do it direct at the Tour desk the charge will be in pesos and then converted to dollars at your bank´s type of exchange.

Most of the credit cards charge a conversion fee or international fee. If you book on line you skip this fees.

Some tours like: Chichen Itza and Isla Mujeres are few dollars cheaper than if you book them direct at the Tour desk.

We use Paypal, which is very simple to use and very secure. you can purchase your tours with VISA, Master Card, Discover and American Express. (At the tour desk we don´t take American Express)



Should I rent a Car or take a tour?

If you consider the expenses, in tolls, gasoline, entrance fees, Etc. chances are that the savings are not as much as you think.  On the other hand you will not spend on taxis as much as you will on a daily rental of a car.

Finding the way around, driving around Mexican drivers and not finding a place to park could be frustrating.

Keep in mind that unless you have a current copy of your cardholder agreement and find the paragraph(s) that talk about rental car coverage, nobody knows for sure whether your credit card covers or not the rented cars in Mexico.  On the other hand if you accept the rental company's insurance, the credit card insurance is no longer primary, and you are liable for the deductible which normally is a 10% of the total cost of the car.   Be aware that when you sign a rental contract, the company blocks right away the 10% of the total cost of the car on your credit Card which is the equivalent of the deductible. 

Enjoy and relax, leave the organizing of your family, friends or traveling companions in the hands of a professional.

Should I take travel checks, Credit cards or cash?

Travelers checks are becoming obsolete. very few establishment will take the because they are very hard to cash them in a bank. In the other hand, now most of the stores and restaurants are taking Visa and MasterCard Debit and credit cards, not every body American Express. We recommend you to notify your bank that you will be traveling to Mexico so your card don´t get block. Calling from Mexico to your bank some times its very difficult don't wait till you get here! also check what kind of fees does your bank charges for withdrawing money at the ATM. Bring some cash but don't exchange at the Airport, usually the have a very low type of exchange. 


How can I book a transportation from the Airport?


The front desk of Coral Mar, have a RT transportation service with a company that have been doing the service for many years. You can request information about this service on the official Airport transportation service web site:


This is an independent company that privides the service to most of the guests staying a Coral Mar. If you need any more information about this service please contact WIVC Central office:


TELEPHONE: (760) 320-7321Fax (760) 320-3939



Is it worth it to attend a Time-share presentation?

At the airport you will be approached by a “Tourist representative” These are TIMESHARE REPRESENTATIVES – It is been said that nothing is free in this life! If you agree to attend one of this presentations be aware that in many cases you must travel up to one hour each way and stay no less than three hours at the presentation to get your "free" tours; in many cases they do not provide return transportation after the presentation, especially if you don’t agree with the “deal” they have. They inflate prices to make you believe they are giving you a great deal. The quality of their tours does not have to be good, because they are “free”. The best way to avoid a hard pressure timeshare presentation is NOT going.  You will see us every day.  You will not see them again. 


How far is the beach from Coral Mar?

Coral Mar Cancun its located in front of the Bojorquez Lagoon and the nearest access to the beach it about 1.25 miles and about 5 minutes by car.


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